95 Get it as soon as Tue, Jul 7 The switch doesn't route power back anywhere, it just opens the circuit to kill power to the fan. Install switch in chosen location. I placed the relay in the 3rd headlight pod. thread last week. I've been reading all about this and watched a few videos on it but I'm still unsure if I should keep it like this. I'm just waiting to get everything in place before I seal it all up. i love this writeup! As things stand now, I'm not using any of the fan control circuitry in the RF wiring harness, as my EFI processor takes care of things along with its own dedicated thermoswitch. Series EBVA Features: Multi-Voltage with automatic voltage sensing; Rugged glass-filled polypro construction for corrosive atmospheres. Choose between an ON/ON or ON/ON/OFF feature. I'm just lost when it comes to this kind of thing. NAXJA Forums -::- North American XJ Association, http://order.waytekwire.com/productd...0RELAY%20SPDT/, http://order.waytekwire.com/productd...12%22%20LEADS/, Currently Active Users Viewing This Thread: 1. This is in addition to the automatic function of the fan controller which turns the fan(s) … Position decal. Confidential Property of Schneider Electric | Page 4 NEC Articles 700, 701, 702 and 708 prescribe requirements for emergency, standby and critical power systems wiring and equipment, including automatic transfer switches. My jeep only has the one mechanical fan. We have a number of controllers & switches to manage either an Electric Water Pump (EWP ®), Electric Booster Pump (EBP), Electric / Thermatic ® Fan or both.. Part #8002 - EWP ® / Fan Digital. Part Number: ORS-CLA 2 way Classic Smiths Style Toggle switch for use with a Revotec Fan Controller enabling the fan to be manually controlled either On or Automatic. Electric Fan Connection Using Fan Relay Kit. document.write(getCartItem(1)); The accessory power to the switch was provided by tapping into the power source for the 12v outlet. The electric cooling fan is wired to operate only when ignition switch is in ON position and engine temperature exceeds specified temperature, or when A/C is on and vehicle speed is less than 45 MPH. Man I wish I had these electric skills lol. 365 Dalziel Road Linden, New Jersey, USA 07036 908-862-9044 Also features a cable cutter and wire stripper. I assume you were alluding to that as I believe you posted up what ended up being the fix in my "Did I fry my ECM?" The drawback is that the full fan current has to go through the switch. I have ton's of electric stuff that needs to be done on my XJ. -Michael Harding, June 2017. Forum for Tech related discussion for Modified XJ's and MJ's. Only T5 is energized for low speeds, but both T5 and T6 are energized for high speed. // -->, 2 Way Classic Smiths Style Toggle Override Switch. A-Team Performance Electric Cooling Radiator Fan Relay Kit With Thermostat Installation Hardware Wiring Set 180 to 200 Degrees Temp Sensor Temperature Switch 40 Amp Relay 3.9 out of … I hate my switches being unmarked and different colors. During hard acceleration, the Wide Open Throttle A/C Cut … 2003 Rubicon, XRC Front Bumper W/ Warn 9000 winch, 4.25 Zone Combo lift, 33x12.5 R15 KM3's, ZJ tie-rod mod. Hope this makes sense. Based on yUK 1991 Car, other vehicles such as pre 1990 & USDM will differ slightly. Connect the other wire coming from original cut to one of the center terminals of switch. Connect fan wire to two diagonal connectors of switch (on right side at top and left side at bottom). I just purchased a 2012 Ranger 800xp and the previous owner which I was unable to talk with installed a fan override switch. the easy way is to splice into the wire that comes off the relay and goes to the sensor. Relay Pin 87 - DB/PK wire going to the Fan Motor Relay (in the PDC) and the ground signal wire coming from your override switch. Electrical - AC & DC - Attic Fan override switch - wiring help - Hi, I have an attic fan that runs off a thermostat (the gable fan type). Crimping Toop For Pre Insulated Terminals. or on at 195°F. Hi guys, I have the kit completey installed except for wiring the fan. (See Diagram #4 on page 2) See page 2 for single or dual fan configurations. Relay Pin 30 - Ground wire. Location: Central MA - keep going till the road turns to dirt, then listen for banjos, VERY neat wiring on those relays, I approve (as an OCD wire management type...). $24.95 $34.95. TURNS ON FAN WHEN TEMP SWITCH IS ACTIVATED 5 AMP FUSE SIGNAL CIRCUIT 12V SWITCHED (IGNITION OR FUSE PANEL) Power “ON” when key is in the “RUN” position. find out more. and off at 165°F. Comes complete with factory connections, sealed relay, and a marine grade Carling rocker switch back lit with blue LED's. I see that lots of folks like to add a cooling fan manual override in addition to the automatic thermoswitch control. Your switch should now turn the fan on and off. sale-20%. Good writeup. Whether it is Cat or Cummins they all have the override switch between the ECM and fan solenoid. run a second wire that goes to the switch, and then to ground. Engine Cooling Fan. but..... i cant seem 2 find the wire in my 98 anyone know what color(s) it is? BonzoHansen Administrator Lifetime Gold Member. If this is easy I'd hate to see the hard way. Part Number: ORS-JAG 2 way Jaguar style toggle switch for use with a Revotec Fan Controller enabling the fan to be manually controlled either on or automatic. This closed the circuit from fused battery source that went directly to the positive wire leading to the fan. Where did you get those awesome switches in the overhead console? that way you can flip on the fan if you need to, or you can leave it in automatic operation. Everything will be in loom and the exposed part of the harness will get covered back up again. Manual Switch Override - Attach the Green Wire to the manual switch NOT PROVIDED. DZ has created a totally new fan override kit that's plug n play and easy to install. View Cart | Checkout | Items: Allowing you to override your controller.Supplied with:Classic Jaguar style toggle switchBlack anodised mounting bracketRetro and modern style decalsWiringCrimpsMounting screwsConnection diagram Although this product is primarily designed to override our electronic fan controller, it can be used in conjunction with our FIK01 relay kit to simply turn an electric fan on or off. Now connect the wire coming in from the engine bay to the + connection on your switch and connect the wire with the resistor on it to the - and load connections on the switch. All the wiring will get even neater once the rest of the relays are wired up. Part #0444 - Digital Thermatic ® Dual Fan Switch Kit. Supplied With: Black anodised mounting bracket Kit. WARNING: See Diagrams#2&3onpage 2 Red: Black: Yellow Wire - 2. TT301Crimping tool suitable for the full range of pre insulated terminals and heatshrink pre insulated terminals. The circuit is still the same though. An electric fan in these application helps the engine come up to operating temperature quicker in cold weather, and improves air conditioning performance in hot weather. $32.95 $39.95. just wire the switch between the ground side of the relay, which on a 4 prong relay is going to be #85 and ground. 140'f-210'f electric fan thermostat sensor push-in fin probe and manual override switch kit. and off at 175°F.