Reagan was the last Republican to win any of the state's counties in a Presidential election until Donald Trump won Kent County in 2016. Rhode Islanders developed a unique style of architecture in the 17th century called the stone-ender. Rhode Island (/ ˌ r oʊ d-/ (), like road) is a state in the New England region of the United States.It is the smallest U.S. state by area and the seventh least populous (1,059,361 as of 2019), but it is also the second most densely populated behind New Jersey.The state takes its name from Rhode Island; however, most of the state is located on the mainland.. [156], Rhode Island is the only state to still celebrate Victory over Japan Day which is officially named "Victory Day" but is sometimes referred to as "VJ Day. Whereas there is only one Rhode Island state motto, there exist a number of state nicknames for Rhode Island: "The Ocean State" (Official) This is the official Rhode Island state nickname and was created in an attempt to attract tourists to the state. African immigrants, including Cape Verdean Americans, Liberian Americans, Nigerian Americans and Ghanaian Americans, form significant and growing communities in Rhode Island. Babe Ruth played for the minor league Providence Grays of 1914 and hit his only official minor league home run for that team before being recalled by the Grays' parent club, the Boston Red Stockings. In 1841, activists led by Thomas W. Dorr organized an extralegal convention to draft a state constitution,[51] arguing that the charter government violated the Guarantee Clause in Article Four, Section Four of the United States Constitution. Rhode Island's forests are part of the Northeastern coastal forests ecoregion. The official state motto of Rhode Island is simply "Hope." [38] In one of the final actions of the war, an Indian associated with Benjamin Church killed King Philip in Bristol, Rhode Island. Many urban areas still have a high rate of children in poverty. Rhode Island furnished 25,236 fighting men, of whom 1,685 died. Founded by Roger Williams, its first English settlement on the mainland was Providence Plantations on Narragansett Bay. The Newport Casino is a National Historic Landmark building complex that presently houses the International Tennis Hall of Fame and features an active grass-court tennis club. Rhode Island was one of the 13 original colonies, first settled by Roger Williams in 1636. [41] In 1774, the slave population of Rhode Island was 6.3% of the total (nearly twice the ratio of other New England colonies). Submarine sandwiches are called grinders throughout Rhode Island, and the Italian grinder is especially popular, made with cold cuts such as ham, prosciutto, capicola, salami, and Provolone cheese. The clue "Rhode Island’s motto" was last spotted by us at the Wall Street Journal Crossword on March 28 2020. The colors white and blue were used in flags carried by Rhode Island regiments during the American Revolution, the War of 1812, and the Mexican War. The official state motto of Rhode Island is simply "Hope." Rhode Island State History. [citation needed] On the home front, Rhode Island and the other northern states used their industrial capacity to supply the Union Army with the materials that it needed to win the war. 25", "Voters strip 'Providence Plantations' from Rhode Island's formal name", "Slavery, the Brown Family of Providence, and Brown University", "Rhode Island Moves To Change Official Name Over Slavery Ties", "Know Rhode Island, RI Secretary of State", "Rhode Island Ratification of the U.S. Constitution", "Rhode Island History: CHAPTER V: Change, Controversy, and War, 1846–1865", "Rhode Island History: Chapter VII: Boom, Bust, and War, 1900–1945", "In the 1920s the Klan Ruled the Countryside", "Terrestrial Ecoregions of the World: A New Map of Life on Earth", 10.1641/0006-3568(2001)051[0933:TEOTWA]2.0.CO;2, "General Election Results – Rhode Island", "Democrat Gina Raimondo becomes Rhode Island's first female governor", "New Jersey Presidential Election Voting History", "Registration and Party Enrollment Statistics", "Number of Solidly Democratic States Cut in Half From '08 to '10", "CNN Election Results by town in Rhode Island", "Rhode Island police seek stricter anti-prostitution laws", "RI Gov. Clue: Rhode Island motto. [139], In 2012, Rhode Island passed bill S2277/H7412, "An act relating to Health and Safety – Environmental Cleanup Objectives for Schools", informally known as the "School Siting Bill." SONG: "Rhode Island." In 1638 (after conferring with Williams), Anne Hutchinson, William Coddington, John Clarke, Philip Sherman, and other religious dissenters settled on Aquidneck Island (then known as Rhode Island), which was purchased from the local tribes who called it Pocasset. Amtrak's Northeast Regional service makes stops at Providence Station, Kingston, and Westerly. Dorr's supporters led an armed rebellion against the charter government, and Dorr was arrested and imprisoned for treason against the state. They play in the Dunkin' Donuts Center in Providence and won the AHL's Calder Cup during the 1998–99 AHL season. Rhode Island motto is a crossword puzzle clue. The colors white and blue were used in flags carried by Rhode Island regiments during the American Revolution, the War of 1812, and the Mexican War. Rhode island motto-Allowed to help our website, within this period I’m going to teach you with regards to Rhode island motto. [115][116][117] Additionally, Rhode Island is rated as the 5th most energy efficient state in the country. [125] The income tax overhaul has now made Rhode Island competitive with other New England states by lowering its maximum tax rate to 5.99% and reducing the number of tax brackets to three. Rhode Island's flag with its motto hope written on it This state is Rhode Island. Rhode Island uásistaatâst ääsih ohtsis suulân miljovn olmožid (2020). If you want, you can directly challenge a friend or loved one in the daily crossword puzzle competition. Rhode Island State Motto “Hope” Rhode Island State Nicknames The Ocean State The Smallest State The Plantation State Land of Roger Williams Rhode Island […] [130] The service was resumed in 2016 and has been successful. The fire resulted in criminal sentences.[59]. Route 99 links Woonsocket with Providence (via Route 146). All four of the Division I schools in the state compete in an intrastate all-sports competition known as the Ocean State Cup, with Bryant winning the most recent cup in 2011–12 academic year. Image Result For Rhode Island Motto. In 2010, the Rhode Island General Assembly passed a new state income tax structure that was then signed into law on June 9, 2010, by Governor Carcieri. They are sold by the half-dozen or dozen in most seafood restaurants around the state, and the quintessential summer meal in Rhode Island is chowder and clam cakes. [126] The state's first income tax was enacted in 1971. The blazon (description) was officially adopted by the General Assembly in 1881, to be effective 1 February 1882. If you have a car, you don't have to drive for more than half an hour max to reach the sea. Rhode Island's taxes were appreciably higher than neighboring states,[81] because Rhode Island's income tax was based on 25% of the payer's federal income tax payment. Rhode Island is one of a few states that do not have an official governor's residence. The University of Rhode Island (URI) is the main public research university in the U.S. State of Rhode Island. [29], On June 19, 2020, State Senator Harold Metts introduced a resolution for another ballot referendum on removing the words "and Providence Plantations" from the state's name, saying, "Whatever the meaning of the term 'plantations' in the context of Rhode Island's history, it carries a horrific connotation when considering the tragic and racist history of our nation. In this page you will find the solution for Rhode Island's motto crossword clue answer. Now we are looking on the crossword clue for: Rhode Island’s motto. [47] During the Revolution, the British occupied Newport in December 1776. Yes, this motto was adopted in the 1700s, and yes, it’s about defeating despots. [62], Narragansett Bay is a major feature of the state's topography. Also located there is the Touro Synagogue, dedicated on December 2, 1763, considered by locals to be the first synagogue within the United States (see below for information on New York City's claim), and still serving. Rhode Island's two United States representatives are David Cicilline (D-1) and Jim Langevin (D-2). [60], Rhode Island is nicknamed the Ocean State and has a number of oceanfront beaches. Providence is the base of a large metropolitan area. The Rhode Island Red beat out its closest competitors, the osprey and ruby-throated hummingbird, and became Rhode Island's official state bird at noon on May 3, 1954. Route 10 is an urban connector linking downtown Providence with Cranston and Johnston. [150], Slater Mill in Pawtucket was the first commercially successful cotton-spinning mill with a fully mechanized power system in America and was the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution in the US. By 1829, 60% of the state's free white males were ineligible to vote. Commanding Officer – Capt. [83] The center of population of Rhode Island is located in Providence County, in the city of Cranston. The state's four Presidential Electors for 2020 are Elizabeth Jane Beretta-Perik, James A. Diossa, ... "I'd like to remind all Rhode Islanders of the motto our state was founded on … Federally, Rhode Island is a reliably Democratic state during presidential elections, usually supporting the Democratic presidential nominee. The Grays played in the National League from 1878 to 1885. Eastern Rhode Island contains the lowlands of the Narragansett Bay, while Western Rhode Island forms part of the New England upland. Additionally, the state also has the highest percentage of Liberian immigrants, with more than 15,000 residing in the state. Advocates for retaining the name argued that plantation was simply an archaic synonym for colony and bore no relation to slavery. [17][18] Providence Plantation was the name of the colony founded by Roger Williams in the state's capital of Providence. From 2000 through 2008, RIPTA offered seasonal ferry service linking Providence and Newport (already connected by highway) funded by grant money from the United States Department of Transportation. Rhode Isl Facts Map State Symbols EnchantedLearning State Motto - "Hope" State Song - Rhode Island, It's for Me Rhode Island State Symbols and Emblems: State Flag. The name was changed to Rhode Island State College around 1909, and officially to University of Rhode Island … Cartoonist Don Bousquet, a state icon, has made a career out of Rhode Island culture, drawing Rhode Island-themed gags in The Providence Journal and Yankee magazine. The Rhode Island Red beat out its closest competitors, the osprey and ruby-throated hummingbird, and became Rhode Island's official state bird at noon on May 3, 1954. The Rhode Island Public Transit Authority (RIPTA) operates statewide intra- and intercity bus transport from its hubs at Kennedy Plaza in Providence, Pawtucket, and Newport. [142] Rhode Islanders sometimes refer to drinking fountains as "bubblers", milkshakes as "cabinets", and overstuffed foot-long sandwiches (of whatever kind) as "grinders".[143]. Awful Awfuls. In Spe Pacis Perennis "In Hope of Everlasting Peace" Leadership - Blue Crew. Route 146 travels through the Blackstone Valley, linking Providence and I-95 with Worcester, Massachusetts and the Massachusetts Turnpike. Rhode Island occupies only 0.03% of the total US area, and could fit inside Alaska, the largest state, nearly 486 times.The total area of Rhode Island is Amtrak service was also suspended between New York and Boston during this period. The word plantation in the state's name became a contested issue during the course of the 20th century and the increased awareness of slavery and its role in early Rhode Island history. Capital of Rhode Island State: Providence. [138], In 2013, the "Lots of Hope" program was established in the City of Providence to focus on increasing the city's green space and local food production, improve urban neighborhoods, promote healthy lifestyles and improve environmental sustainability. Rhode Island motto is a crossword puzzle clue that we have spotted 1 time. According to Section 42-4-1 of Rhode Island General Laws, "The arms of the state are a golden anchor on a blue field, and the motto thereof is the word 'Hope.'" Route 4 is a major north–south freeway linking Providence and Warwick (via I-95) with suburban and beach communities along Narragansett Bay. Rhode Island's most one-sided Presidential election result was in 1964, with over 80% of Rhode Island's votes going for Lyndon B. Johnson. Green Airport. Derek Goebel Chief of the Boat – YNSCM David Wright. [112], The headquarters of Citizens Financial Group is located in Providence, the 14th largest bank in the United States. The Reds are the oldest continuously operating minor-league hockey franchise in North America, having fielded a team in one form or another since 1926 in the CAHL. Brown plays FCS football in the Ivy League, Bryant plays FCS football in the Northeast Conference, and Rhode Island plays FCS football in the Colonial Athletic Association. The new slogan, “Rhode Island: Cooler and Warmer,” left people confused, and a quick and merciless derision followed. The name "Isle of Rodes" is used in a legal document as late as 1646. The intent of the grants was to provide communities with the funding necessary to assess, clean up, and redevelop contaminated properties, boost local economies, and leverage jobs while protecting public health and the environment. [152] Ann Smith Franklin of the Newport Mercury was the first female newspaper editor in America (August 22, 1762). Bauu Press. The state's current governor is Gina Raimondo (D), and the lieutenant governor is Daniel McKee (D). [40] Rhode Island's legislative body passed an act in 1652 abolishing the holding of slaves (the first British colony to do so), but this edict was never enforced and Rhode Island continued to be heavily involved in the slave trade during the post-revolution era. And after this, here is the primary photograph: Image Result For Rhode Island Motto. Rhode Island has been the first in a number of initiatives. It also shares … State Motto - "Hope" State Song - Rhode Island, It's for Me Rhode Island State Symbols and Emblems: State Flag. The privately run Block Island Ferry[131] links Block Island with Newport and Narragansett with traditional and fast-ferry service, while the Prudence Island Ferry[132] connects Bristol with Prudence Island. The Providence Grays won the first World Championship in baseball history in 1884. The new slogan, “Rhode Island: Cooler and Warmer,” left people confused, and a quick and merciless derision followed. 1 in energy efficiency", "RI moves up in state energy efficiency rankings", "Carcieri signs law changing income tax structure", "R.I. General Assembly approves income tax overhaul", "Chapter VIII, The Era of Transition. The colony later prospered under the slave trade, distilling rum to sell in Africa as part of a profitable triangular trade in slaves and sugar with the Caribbean. '. The sunset scene with the entire family on the beach takes place at Napatree Point. Featuring some of the most popular crossword puzzles, uses the knowledge of experts in history, anthropology, and science combined to provide you solutions when you cannot seem to guess the word. Route 403 links Route 4 with Quonset Point. According to Section 42-4-1 of Rhode Island General Laws, "The arms of the state are a golden anchor on a blue field, and the motto thereof is the word 'Hope.'" So good. [137], In 2014, Rhode Island received grants from the Environmental Protection Agency in the amount of $2,711,685 to clean up Brownfield sites in eight locations. Rhode island motto-Allowed to help our website, within this period I’m going to teach you with regards to Rhode island motto. Following the flood, Rhode Island was in a state of emergency for two days. The Rhode Island General Assembly created the first standing army in the colonies (1,500 men) on April 22, 1775. On May 4, 1776, the Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations was the first of the Thirteen Colonies to renounce its allegiance to the British Crown,[9] and it was the fourth state to ratify the Articles of Confederation, doing so on February 9, 1778. Although Rhode Island has the smallest land area of all 50 states, it has the second highest population density of any state in the Union, second to that of New Jersey. An expedition of 5,500 French troops under Count Rochambeau arrived in Newport by sea on July 10, 1780. Hope - Rhode Island's state motto; photo by Micah Laaker on Flickr (noncommercial use permitted with attribution / share alike). (New Shoreham on Block Island is not served). Advocates for excising plantation claimed that the word symbolized an alleged legacy of disenfranchisement for many Rhode Islanders, as well as the proliferation of slavery in the colonies and in the post-colonial United States. Their reception was held at Hammersmith Farm, the Bouvier summer home in Newport. All but three of Rhode Island's 39 cities and towns voted for the Democratic candidate. The charter apportioned legislative seats equally among the state's towns, over-representing rural areas and under-representing the growing industrial centers. [67] The lowest recorded temperature in Rhode Island was −23 °F (−31 °C) on February 5, 1996 in Greene. [145] Clams Casino resemble the beloved stuffed quahog but are generally made with the smaller littleneck or cherrystone clam and are unique in their use of bacon as a topping. The colony of Rhode Island began in 1636 when clergyman Roger Williams was exiled from Massachusetts Bay. "Providence Plantations" was therefore the official name of the colony from 1643 to 1663, when a new charter was issued. The Tennis Hall of Fame is located in Rhode Island. (2007). Interstate 95 (I-95) runs southwest to northeast across the state, linking Rhode Island with other states along the East Coast. Information on Rhode Island, map, facts, history, location,cities,coastline,size. Scenic Route 1A (known locally as Ocean Road) is in Narragansett. Block Island has an oceanic climate. Rhode Island became the eighth state to fully recognize either same-sex marriage or civil unions. According to the 2010 Census, 81.4% of the population was White (76.4% non-Hispanic white), 5.7% was Black or African American, 0.6% American Indian and Alaska Native, 2.9% Asian, 0.1% Native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islander, 3.3% from two or more races. Though the service was popular with residents and tourists, RIPTA was unable to continue on after the federal funding ended. It is mostly flat with no real mountains, and the state's highest natural point is Jerimoth Hill, 812 feet (247 m) above sea level. Founded by Roger Williams, its first English settlement on the mainland was Providence Plantations on Narragansett Bay. [114], Rhode Island's 2000 total gross state production was $46.18 billion (adjusted to inflation), placing it 45th in the nation. [50] Bills were periodically introduced in the legislature to expand suffrage, but they were invariably defeated. The official name of Rhode Island is Rhode Island and the Providence Plantations. Moses Brown teamed up with Samuel Slater and helped to create the second cotton mill in America, a water-powered textile mill. Simply click on the clue posted on Wall Street Journal Crossword on March 28 2020 and we will present you with the correct answer. Additionally, the charter disallowed landless citizens from filing civil suits without endorsement from a landowner. [8] Providence is the state capital and most populous city in Rhode Island. 6.1% of Rhode Island's population were reported as under 5, 23.6% under 18, and 14.5% were 65 or older. MacFarlane's television series Family Guy is based in a fictional Rhode Island city named Quahog, and notable local events and celebrities are regularly lampooned. Rhode Island's official flag was adopted in 1897. This blazon was officially adopted by the General Assembly in 1881, effective 1 February 1882. Rhode Island is also home to the headquarters of the governing body for youth rugby league in the United States, the American Youth Rugby League Association or AYRLA. [96] Italian Americans make up a plurality in central and southern Providence County and French-Canadian Americans form a large part of northern Providence County. Rhode Island Great Seal. The goal of the plan is to reduce greenhouse gas and smog-causing emissions. [65][66], Map of Rhode Island, showing major cities and roads, Ninigret Pond National Wildlife Refuge, Rhode Island, Most of Rhode Island has a humid continental climate, with warm summers and cold winters. "[157] It is celebrated on the second Monday in August. [45] Rhode Island was the first of the thirteen colonies to renounce its allegiance to the British Crown on May 4, 1776. The team played their home games at the old Messer Street Field in Providence. Rhode Island motto is a crossword puzzle clue. Flag of Rhode Island; public domain image on Wikipedia. [19] This was adjoined by the settlement of Warwick; hence the plural Providence Plantations. The exceptions were East Greenwich, West Greenwich, and Scituate. The southern coastal portions of the state are the broad transition zone into subtropical climates, with hot summers and cool winters with a mix of rain and snow. Due to an influx of residents from Boston, increasing housing costs have resulted in more homelessness in Rhode Island.[58]. In 1842, the charter government and Dorr's supporters held separate elections, and two rival governments claimed sovereignty over the state. Rhode Island was the first state to name an official state drink and it comes as no surprise that it's coffee milk. Rhode Island Great Seal. [76], Rhode Island is one of 21 states that have abolished capital punishment; it was second do so, just after Michigan, and carried out its last execution in the 1840s. [150] The first state health laboratory was established in Providence on September 1, 1894. See List of Rhode Island Governors. The flag is white, fringed with yellow on three sides. [161] The Providence Steamrollers played in the Basketball Association of America which became the National Basketball Association. Motto: Hope: Laavlâ "Rhode Island's It for Me" Rhode Island lii Ovtâstumstaatâi uásistaatâ. Newport, RI held the first circus in the US in 1774. RIPTA bus routes serve 38 of Rhode Island's 39 cities and towns. Rhode Island was one of the 13 original colonies, first settled by Roger Williams in 1636. Peter Griffin is seen working at the Pawtucket brewery, and other state locations are mentioned. ORIGIN OF STATE NAME: Named for Rhode Island in Narragansett Bay, which was likened to the isle of Rhodes in the Mediterranean Sea. An anchor had served as the principal symbol of Rhode Island for more than two centuries by the time the coat of arms was officially adopted. [150] The first lunch wagon in America was introduced in Providence in 1872. [84] A corridor of population can be seen from the Providence area, stretching northwest following the Blackstone River to Woonsocket, where 19th-century mills drove industry and development. Since then, it has voted for the Republican nominee for president seven times, and the Democratic nominee 17 times. 2) When was the motto of Rhode Island first used? The team name came from the rooster known as the Rhode Island Red. It was once the entrance to a famous Narragansett casino that burned down in 1900. The state takes its name from Rhode Island; however, most of the state is located on the mainland. The tender was chased aground and captured. Official state symbols, emblems, and icons of Rhode Island - places to see in Rhode Island - landmarks, parks, historic markers, cities and towns - learn the culture and history of Rhode Island! The Hall of Fame and Museum were established in 1954 by James Van Alen as "a shrine to the ideals of the game". It was one of the country’s 13 original states but was the last of the 13 to ratify the U.S. Constitution. The settlements of Newport and Portsmouth were situated on what is commonly called Aquidneck Island today but was called Rhode Island in Colonial times. The state motto appears on the arms of the state, which appear on the great seal and state flag of Rhode Island. Rhode Island’s motto. Rhode Island's primary airport for passenger and cargo transport is T. F. Green Airport in Warwick, though most Rhode Islanders who wish to travel internationally on direct flights and those who seek a greater availability of flights and destinations often fly through Logan International Airport in Boston. [150] Watch Hill has the nation's oldest flying horses carousel that has been in continuous operation since 1850. [141] Many Rhode Islanders distinguish a strong aw sound [ɔə] (i.e., do not exhibit the cot–caught merger) as one might hear in New Jersey or New York City; for example, the word coffee is pronounced [ˈkʰɔəfi]. [80], Rhode Island has some of the highest taxes in the country, particularly its property taxes, ranking seventh in local and state taxes, and sixth in real estate taxes.[81]. Calamari (squid) is sliced into rings and fried as an appetizer in most Italian restaurants, typically served Sicilian-style with sliced banana peppers and marinara sauce on the side. Adopted on May 3, 1954 Religion Map and Religious Populations – U.S. Within days, the state’s chief marketing officer resigned. Other important industries in Rhode Island's past included toolmaking, costume jewelry, and silverware. The 1974 film adaptation of The Great Gatsby was also filmed in Newport. The entire state is divided into municipalities, which handle all local government affairs. There is no official documentation from the time when Rhode Island first adopted the word “Hope” as the state motto on its Seal and flag that explains why this word was chosen. The presence of the Touro Synagogue in Newport, the oldest existing synagogue in the United States, emphasizes that these second-wave immigrants did not create Rhode Island's first Jewish community; a comparatively smaller wave of Spanish and Portuguese Jews immigrated to Newport during the colonial era. "[ The Cambridge online survey of world Englishes]." Its area is 1,231 square miles, which is pretty small. [151] The oldest Fourth of July parade in the country is still held annually in Bristol, Rhode Island. But when your state housed the capital of the Confederacy and your motto is the thing that John Wilkes Booth shouted after shooting Abraham Lincoln, it might not be a good look anymore. Within days, the state’s chief marketing officer resigned. The motto is found on the state's coat of arms, the seal and flag. Rhode Island is the smallest US State in geographical area. [91], The state's most populous ethnic group, non-Hispanic white, has declined from 96.1% in 1970 to 76.5% in 2011. The General Assembly voted on June 25, 2009, to hold a general referendum scheduled for November 2010 determining whether "and Providence Plantations" would be dropped from the official name. Here we answer two questions: 1) What is the state motto of Rhode Island? Slaves were introduced in Rhode Island at this time, although there is no record of any law legalizing slave-holding. The flag is white, fringed with yellow on three sides. At approximately 2 a.m. on June 10, 1772, a band of Providence residents attacked the grounded revenue schooner Gaspee, burning it to the waterline for enforcing unpopular trade regulations within Narragansett Bay. The AHL returned to Providence in 1992 in the form of the Providence Bruins. Samuel Gorton purchased lands at Shawomet in 1642 from the Narragansetts, precipitating a dispute with the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Rhode Island, constituent state of the United States of America. University of Cambridge. The motto for rhode island is hope it is found on the state flag. All the residents of … Both houses of the bicameral body are currently dominated by the Democratic Party; the presence of the Republican Party is minor in the state government, with Republicans holding a handful of seats in both the Senate and House of Representatives. [150] The first automobile race on a track was held in Cranston on September 7, 1896. These cartoons have been reprinted in the Quahog series of paperbacks (I Brake for Quahogs, Beware of the Quahog, and The Quahog Walks Among Us.) 12.4% of the total population was of Hispanic or Latino origin (they may be of any race). There is no official documentation from the time when Rhode Island first adopted the word “Hope” as the state motto on its Seal and flag that explains why this word was chosen. In the lobby of T. F. Green, the state's main airport, is a large life-sized sailboat,[153] and the state's license plates depict an ocean wave or a sailboat. State abbreviation/Postal code: R.I./RINickname: The Ocean StateOrigin of name: From the Greek island of RhodesMotto: “Hope”Slogan: \"Unwind\"State symbols:Bird: Rhode Island red hen (1954)Fish: Striped bass (2000)Shell: Quahog (1987)Flower: Violet (1968)Fruit: Rhode Island greening (1991)Tree: Red maple (1964)Mineral: Bowenite (1966)Stone: Cumberlandite (1966)Colors: Blue, white, and gold (in state flag)Drink: Coffee Milk (1993)Song: \"Rhode Island, It's for Me\" (1996)