S & L Produce, Inc.


S & L Produce, Inc. started its business suppling fresh fruits and vegetables only.  Occassionally customers would ask for fresh dairy products.  S & L Produce, Inc, being the "service" company that they are, would bring in certain items upon request of customers as the need would arise.  Because so many customers were sharing in the need for fresh dairy products it became a common staple in the product line of S & L Produce, Inc.  Meeting the demand, S & L Produce, Inc. now carries a full line of fresh dairy products.  Offering a wide variety of sizes and flavors of fresh milk, yogurt, cheeses, and eggs, S & L Produce, Inc. is sure to be able to meet your needs as well!

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Item Number Title Brand Pack Size Unit of Measure
14001 Buttermilk DEAN 1/HG EACH
14008 Cottage Cheese 5# DEAN 1/5# EACH
14020 Creamer H&H Qt DEAN 1 qt EACH
14024 Creamer ND Liquid DEAN 402ct CASE
14028 Heavy Cream Qt DEAN 1 qt EACH
14036 Juice Orange Gal DEAN Gal EACH
14048 Milk 1% HP DEAN 50ct CASE
14056 Milk 2% 5 gal DEAN 1/5gal CASE
14060 Milk 2% Gal DEAN 1gal EACH
14064 Milk 2% HP DEAN 1/HP EACH
14068 Milk 2% Pint DEAN 1/pint EACH
14061 Milk 2% Quart DEAN 1qt EACH
14080 Milk Choc HP DEAN 1/HP EACH
14084 Milk Choc Pint DEAN 1/pint EACH
14088 Milk Homo Gal DEAN 1/gal EACH
14096 Milk Homo Pint DEAN 1/Pint EACH
14089 Milk Homo Quart DEAN 1qt EACH
14100 Milk Skim Gal DEAN 1/gal EACH
14104 Milk Skim HP DEAN 50ct CASE
Y1STHP Milk Strawberry DEAN 50/1/2pt CASE
14116 Soft Serve Vanilla DEAN 9/HG CASE
14120 Sour Cream 5# DEAN 1/5# EACH
14126 Sour Cream Pkt DAISY 100/1oz CASE
14013 Whip Cream Aerosol 15oz REDDI WHIP 12/15oz CASE
14012 Whip Cream Aerosol 7oz DEAN 12/7oz CASE