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Dessert Frozen

Although S & L Produce, Inc. specializies in fresh fruits and vegetables, we also offer a wide array of other products. Whether you want a brand name or a comparable off brand product. We are your one stop shop! Customers have saved hundreds by choosing S & L Produce, Inc. for their foodservice needs! Experience ALL there is to offer and let S & L Produce, Inc. improve your bottom line today!

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Item Number Title Brand Pack Size Unit of Measure
11090 Cake Cheese NY Style 08080 SARA LEE 4 / 78oz CASE
11081 Cannoli Cream Filling Tube 0870 FLOWERS BAKERY 1/4ct CASE
11080 Cannoli Shell Lrg (no filling) 0880 FLOWERS BAKERY 48/1oz CASE
11091 Cheesecake Brown Cow Gourmet 10" ELI'S CHEESECAKE 2/101oz CASE
11092 Cheesecake Pumpkin Pie Sliced 9" ELI'S CHEESECAKE 2/71oz CASE
11070 Cobbler Apple SARA LEE 2/80oz CASE
11073 Cobbler Blackberry SARA LEE 2/80oz CASE
11072 Cobbler Cherry SARA LEE 2/80oz CASE
11071 Cobbler Peach SARA LEE 2/80oz CASE
11083 Italian Ice Cherry TUBE 3880 LUIGI 24/4oz CASE
11084 Italian Ice Lemon TUBE 3881 LUIGI 24/4oz CASE
11058 Pie Apple 9274 Unbkd 10" Dutch CHEF PIERRE 6/46oz CASE
11059 Pie Cherry 9275 Unbk 10" CHEF PIERRE 6/46oz CASE
11056 Pie Pecan 9273 Pre-Baked 10" SARA LEE 6/36oz CASE
11057 Pie Pmkn 9276 Unbk 10" CHEF PIERRE 6/46oz CASE
11054 Tiramisu 2243 Cake Dusted 68 oz SWEET STREET 2/4# CASE
11051 Topping Cool Whip 960 COOL WHIP 12/1# CASE
11050 Topping On Top ND Bag RICHS 12/16oz CASE