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Although S & L Produce, Inc. specializies in fresh fruits and vegetables, we also offer a wide array of other products. Whether you want a brand name or a comparable off brand product. We are your one stop shop! Customers have saved hundreds by choosing S & L Produce, Inc. for their foodservice needs! Experience ALL there is to offer and let S & L Produce, Inc. improve your bottom line today!

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Item Number Title Brand Pack Size Unit of Measure
15040B Dressing 1000 Island 1gal LITEHOUSE 1/1gal PC.
15040 Dressing 1000 Island 4/1 gal LITEHOUSE 4/1gal CASE
15001B Dressing Bleu Ch 1gal KRAFT 1/1gal PC.
15001 Dressing Bleu Ch 4/1 KRAFT 4/1gal CASE
15004B Dressing Caesar 1gal Creamy HENRIS 1/1gal PC.
15004 Dressing Caesar 4/1 Creamy HENRIS 4/1gal CASE
15016B Dressing Crmy Ital 1gal HENRIS 1/1gal PC.
15016 Dressing Crmy Ital 4/1 HENRIS 4/1gal CASE
15033B Dressing French 1 gal LITEHOUSE 1/1gal PC.
15033 Dressing French 4/1 LITEHOUSE 4/1gal CASE
15037B Dressing Frnch Sw&Trt 1gal Classic CLASSIC GOURME 1/1gal PC.
15037 Dressing Frnch Sw&Trt 4/1 Classic CLASSIC GOURME 4/1gal CASE
15017 Dressing Gold Ital KRAFT 4/1gal CASE
15012B Dressing Honey Mustard 1 gal LITEHOUSE 1/1gal PC.
15012 Dressing Honey Mustard 4/1 gal LITEHOUSE 4/1gal CASE
15021B Dressing Poppyseed 1 gal LITEHOUSE 1/1gal PC.
15021 Dressing Poppyseed 4/1 gal LITEHOUSE 4/1gal CASE
15025B Dressing Ranch Country 1 gal LITEHOUSE 1/1gal PC.
15025 Dressing Ranch Country 2/1 gal LITEHOUSE 2/1gal CASE
15042 Dressing Ranch Dry Packets HIDDEN VALLEY 18/3.2oz CASE
15024B Dressing Ranch HENRI 1gal HENRIS 1/1gal PC.
15024 Dressing Ranch HENRI 4/1 HENRIS 4/1gal CASE
15029 Dressing Ranch Kens 0777 KENS 4/1gal CASE
15027 Dressing Ranch KRAFT 64354 KRAFT 4/1gal CASE
15028B Dressing Ranch Lite 1 gal LITEHOUSE 1/1gal PC.
15028 Dressing Ranch Lite 4/1 gal LITEHOUSE 4/1gal CASE
15030B Dressing Raspberry Vinegar FF 1 gal LITEHOUSE 1/1gal PC.
15030 Dressing Raspberry Vinegar FF 2/1 LITEHOUSE 2/1gal CASE
15032B Dressing Red Frnch 1gal henris HENRIS 1/1gal PC.
15032 Dressing Red Frnch 4/1 HENRIS 4/1gal CASE
15036B Dressing Red Russ 1gal HENRIS 1/1gal PC.
15036 Dressing Red Russ 4/1 HENRIS 4/1gal CASE
15008B Dressing Slaw w/celery seed 1gal LITEHOUSE 1/1gal PC.
15008 Dressing Slaw w/celery seed 4/1 gal LITEHOUSE 4/1gal CASE
15044 Dressing Vin&Oil 1gal WISHBONE 1/1gal GAL.
15048B Mayonnaise Heavy Duty 1gal LITEHOUSE 1/1gal PC.
15048 Mayonnaise Heavy Duty 4/1gal LITEHOUSE 4/1gal CASE
15052B Miracle Whip 1gal KRAFT 1/1gal PC.
15052 Miracle Whip 4/1 KRAFT 4/1gal CASE
15056B Salad Dressing Heavy Duty 1gal LITEHOUSE 1/1gal PC.
15056 Salad Dressing Heavy Duty 4/1 gal LITEHOUSE 4/1gal CASE
15060B Tartar Sauce 1gal LITEHOUSE 1/1gal PC.
15060 Tartar Sauce 4/1 LITEHOUSE 4/1gal CASE