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Fruits Processed

Pre-cut fresh fruits are a dominating product in the foodservice industry today.  Many customers consider pre-cut items to be convenient and time saving.  Others may utilize pre-cut products for the safety advantages over the possibility of injuries in the work place.  What ever your reasons for preference, S & L Produce, Inc. can provide you with the BEST QUALITY PRODUCT available at COMPETITIVE pricing with EXCEPTIONAL customer service!  As you may well know any pre-cut product expires much faster than most traditional (uncut) product.  The buyers at S & L Produce, Inc. pay special attention to ALL dated inventory and even more so regarding pre-cut products.  We do not "hold" product for days on end, hoping it will sell.  You can rest assured any pre-cut product you receive from S & L Produce, Inc. comes direct from our delivery to yours!

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Item Number Title Brand Pack Size Unit of Measure
23001 Cantaloupe Chunk VAUGHN 2/2.5# CASE
23004 Honeydew Chunk VAUGHN 2/2.5# CASE
23012 Mixed Fruit w/ pnapl {FM1} VAUGHN 2/2.5# CASE
23008 Mixed Fruit w/o pnapl {FM2} VAUGHN 2/2.5# CASE
23016 Pineapple Chunk Fresh VAUGHN 2/2.5# CASE
23020 Watermelon Chunk VAUGHN 2/2.5# CASE