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Hot Dogs

Although S & L Produce, Inc. specializies in fresh fruits and vegetables, we also offer a wide array of other products. Whether you want a brand name or a comparable off brand product. We are your one stop shop! Customers have saved hundreds by choosing S & L Produce, Inc. for their foodservice needs! Experience ALL there is to offer and let S & L Produce, Inc. improve your bottom line today!

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Item Number Title Brand Pack Size Unit of Measure
74000 Corn Dog 1605 All Meat Classic STATE FAIR 60/2.67oz CASE
74010 Corn Dog Mini 40482 Turkey ARMOUR 239/.67oz CASE
74022 Hot Dog 36073 4/1 6" All Beef ARMOUR 2/5# CASE
74021 Hot Dog 5/1 31218 All Meat 6" ARMOUR 2/5# CASE
74023 Hot Dog 8/1 548169 Beef CN Low Sod ARMOUR 2/5# CASE