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Although S & L Produce, Inc. specializies in fresh fruits and vegetables, we also offer a wide array of other products. Whether you want a brand name or a comparable off brand product. We are your one stop shop! Customers have saved hundreds by choosing S & L Produce, Inc. for their foodservice needs! Experience ALL there is to offer and let S & L Produce, Inc. improve your bottom line today!

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Item Number Title Brand Pack Size Unit of Measure
36008 Creamer ND Liquid COFFEEMATE 4/50ct CASE
36012 Creamer ND Packet 2.5gr RESTRNT PRIDE 2000/2.5gr CASE
36024 Dressing 1000 Island Pkt 67118 KRAFT 100/1.5oz CASE
36016 Dressing Hon Must Cup #06370 TASTE PLEASER 100/1oz CASE
36017 Dressing Italian FF Pkt 66753 KRAFT 60/1.5oz CASE
36020 Dressing Lite Ranch Pkt 00738 HEINZ 60/1.5oz CASE
36014 Dressing Pouch Honey Mustard 1152 KRAFT 60/1.5oz CASE
36015 Dressing Pouch Red French 6387 CF SAUER 200/12gr CASE
36025 Dressing Ranch BM pkt 12gr 06503 CF SAUER 200/12gr CASE
36019 Dressing Ranch BM Pkt 67120 KRAFT 60/1.5oz CASE
36018 Dressing Ranch Cup #06826 TASTE PLEASER 100/1oz CASE
36021 Dressing Red Frnch Pkt 66751 KRAFT 60/1.5oz CASE
36075 Hot Sauce Pouch 06317 CF SAUER 200/7gr CASE
36029 Jelly #5 (80gr/80mx/40st) 06373 HEINZ 1/200ct CASE
36036 Jelly Grape Cup 06367 PPI 1/200ct CASE
36037 Jelly Grape Cup Smucker's SMUCKER'S 200/.5oz CASE
36041 Jelly Strawberry Cup Smucker's SMUCKER'S 200/.5oz CASE
36040 Jelly Strwberry Cup 06348 PPI 1/200ct CASE
36048 Ketchup Packet 06394 RED GOLD 1/1000ct CASE
36052 Mayonnaise Pkt 06398 PPI 200/12gr CASE
36056 Miracle Whip Pkt 66371 KRAFT 200/.44oz CASE
36060 Mustard Pkt 5.5gr 06501 PPI 1/500ct CASE
36094 Pepper Packet .10gr PPI 3/1000ct CASE
36070 Relish Sweet Pkt 9gr 06506 CF SAUER 1/200ct CASE
36090 Salt Packet .6gr PPI 3/1000ct CASE
36001 Sauce BBQ Cup #06857 TASTE PLEASER 100/1 oz CASE
36002 Sauce BBQ Packet #06858 PPI 200/12gr CASE
36004 Sauce Cocktail Cup #06369 CF SAUER 1/100ct CASE
36005 Sauce Marinara Cup #06381 CF SAUER 100/1oz CASE
36086 Sauce Sweet n Sour Cup 06385 TASTE PLEASER 100/1oz CASE
36074 Sauce Taco Pkt 06508 PPI 1/200ct CASE
36064 Sauce Tartar Packet 06509 PPI 1/200ct CASE
36098 Sugar Packet RESTRNT PRIDE 1/2000ct CASE
36106 Sugar Substitute Blue RESTRNT PRIDE 1/2000ct CASE
36103 Sugar Substitute Pink RESTRNT PRIDE 1/2000ct CASE
36102 Sugar Substitute Yellow RESTRNT PRIDE 1/2000ct CASE
36078 Syrup Pancake Cup 06383 CF SAUER 100/1.5gr CASE