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Although S & L Produce, Inc. specializies in fresh fruits and vegetables, we also offer a wide array of other products. Whether you want a brand name or a comparable off brand product. We are your one stop shop! Customers have saved hundreds by choosing S & L Produce, Inc. for their foodservice needs! Experience ALL there is to offer and let S & L Produce, Inc. improve your bottom line today!

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Item Number Title Brand Pack Size Unit of Measure
41004 Basil Chopped RESTRNT PRIDE 1/5.5oz EACH
41008 Basil Whole RESTRNT PRIDE 25# CASE
41012 Cajun Seasoning RESTRNT PRIDE 1/16oz EACH
41016 Celery Salt RESTRNT PRIDE 1/36oz EACH
41020 Celery Seed Whole RESTRNT PRIDE 1/16oz EACH
41024 Chili Powder RESTRNT PRIDE 1/18oz EACH
41028 Chili Seasoning Mix LAWREYS 6/5.7 oz CASE
41032 Chives Frz Dried CF SAUER 6/1oz CASE
41036 Cinnamon Grnd RESTRNT PRIDE 1/16oz EACH
41040 Cumin Grnd RESTRNT PRIDE 1/16oz EACH
41044 Extract Almond RESTRNT PRIDE 1/16oz EACH
41048 Extract Vanilla Imit RESTRNT PRIDE 1/32oz EACH
41052 Garlic Gran 24oz RESTRNT PRIDE 1/24oz EACH
41053 Garlic Gran 7# RESTRNT PRIDE 1/7# CASE
41056 Garlic Minced 12/4oz CASE
41055 Garlic Minced in Water P.L. 6/32oz CASE
41060 Garlic Powder RESTRNT PRIDE 1/19oz EACH
41064 Garlic Romano RESTRNT PRIDE 1/17oz EACH
41070 Garlic Salt RESTRNT PRIDE 1/12# EACH
41074 Garlic Salt RESTRNT PRIDE 1/40oz EACH
41075 Garlic Seasoning Gourmet BARON 1 / 36oz CASE
41078 Italian Seasoning RESTRNT PRIDE 1/6oz EACH
41082 Montreal Chick Seasoning RESTRNT PRIDE 1/20oz EACH
41086 Mustard Dry RESTRNT PRIDE 1/15oz EACH
41092 Onion Dhydrtd Chop 1003626 Carton OLAM SPICES 6/3# CASE
41090 Onion Powder RESTRNT PRIDE 1/20oz EACH
41094 Onion Salt RESTRNT PRIDE 1/36oz EACH
41102 Oregano Grnd RESTRNT PRIDE 10# CASE
41098 Oregano Whole RESTRNT PRIDE 1/5oz EACH
41106 Paprika RESTRNT PRIDE 1/18oz EACH
41110 Parsley Flake RESTRNT PRIDE 1/10oz EACH
41114 Pepper Black 16oz RESTRNT PRIDE 1/16oz EACH
41118 Pepper Black Ground 5# RESTRNT PRIDE 1/5# EACH
41122 Pepper Cayenne RESTRNT PRIDE 1/16oz EACH
41126 Pepper Lemon RESTRNT PRIDE 1/28oz EACH
41130 Pepper Red Crushed RESTRNT PRIDE 1/16oz EACH
41134 Pepper White Ground RESTRNT PRIDE 1/17oz EACH
41138 Pickling Spice RESTRNT PRIDE 1/14oz EACH
41142 Pizza Topper RESTRNT PRIDE 1/9oz EACH
41146 Poppyseed Whole P.L. 1/22oz EACH
41150 Poultry Seasoning RESTRNT PRIDE 1/8oz EACH
41001 Rub BBQ S & L PRODUCE 50# CASE
41154 Sage Rubbed RESTRNT PRIDE 1/6oz EACH
41158 Salt Iodized P.L. 1/25# CASE
41162 Salt Popcorn Seasoning DIAMOND CRYST 1/24oz EACH
41166 Seasoning Salt LAWREYS 2/5# CASE
41170 Seasoning Salt 35oz RESTRNT PRIDE 1/35oz EACH
41172 Taco Seasoning 80735 PANCHO VILLA 1/5# CASE
41176 Thyme Ground RESTRNT PRIDE 1/12oz EACH