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Although S & L Produce, Inc. specializies in fresh fruits and vegetables, we also offer a wide array of other products. Whether you want a brand name or a comparable off brand product. We are your one stop shop! Customers have saved hundreds by choosing S & L Produce, Inc. for their foodservice needs! Experience ALL there is to offer and let S & L Produce, Inc. improve your bottom line today!

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Item Number Title Brand Pack Size Unit of Measure
45012 Tissue 121000 9" for dispnr 1000 EMPRESS 12ct CASE
45008 Tissue 2 Ply #500/#4131 NOVA 96ct CASE
45004 Tissue 4346 Disp. 2ply/865 PRIME SOURCE 36ct CASE
45012 Tissue 4358 2 ply for dispenser HI VALUE 12ct CASE
45012E Tissue Dispenser RD002602 Single EMPRESS 1ct EACH
45005E Tissue Dispenser VJT852 dbl (smoke) VINTAGE 1ct EACH
45016 Tissue Facial 2 ply HI VALUE 1/3000ct CASE
45005 Tissue NOVA 1000 9" for dspnsr 2 ply NOVA 12ct CASE
45028 Towel 290089 Tork Hand Roll TORK 1/6ct CASE
45025 Towel Brown Roll 680021 7.82 x 800 Empress 6ct CASE
45024 Towel Brown Roll 8.8x11 NOVA 1/12ct CASE
45032 Towel CD10 Motion Roll White VINTAGE 6ct CASE
45020 Towel Centerpull 2ply 22910 NOVA 1/6ct CASE
45044 Towel Multifold 21040 Brown VINTAGE 4000ct CASE
45040 Towel Multifold 9510 white P.L. 4000ct CASE
45048 Towel Paper Roll 2ply 230801 EMPRESS 30ct CASE
45036 Towel Single Fold 21020/1060 VINTAGE 4000ct CASE