Giving Back

Giving Back To Our Community

When times get tough we often find LOCALS in the community come together as a whole. Many times there are fund raisers or golf scrambles that will be held in honor of assisting a family in need, or even an entire foundation needing help in meeting its’ goal in order to continue serving the community. At S&L Produce, Inc. we are honored to stand up and do our part! Whether we are donating food items, participating in serving meals, or simply making a donation, S&L Produce, Inc. believes in bonding with our LOCAL community and doing our part whenever and wherever we may be enlisted to do so!                            S&L Produce, Inc. has been a long standing sponsor of youth baseball/softball with our LOCAL recreation center. Each season we sponsor a team as we are ever eager to see the young children of our community thrive in their environment! GO TEAM GO!! S&L Produce, Inc. also enjoys giving back to those who support them as well! We do this by not only being committed to patronizing those who we serve but, also sponsoring activities our customers get involved with. One such example is our sponsorship of Jr. Sprint Racing. We are again proud to be a part of such an activity that allows those as young a 6 years to participate in this adrenaline packed sport! Put before us a family in need, a foundation needing support, or a customer activity sponsorship, S&L Produce, Inc. is honored to be a part of all these ever so worthy causes and activities!


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