At S & L Produce, Inc. we BELIEVE that our customers matter!  We SHOW our customers that they matter.  We don’t treat our customers like a number, but like family!  When you phone S & L Produce, Inc. during normal business hours, rest assured you will speak to a LIVE PERSON, and not an automated recording.  We will answer your quesitons or concerns when you have them, not when it’s convenient for us.  We offer the FRESHEST QUALITY PRODUCTS at COMPETITIVE PRICING with EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE!  Whether you purchase 2 cases or 200 cases, every customer is just as important as the next!  S & L Produce, Inc. proudly focuses on the individual customer and delivery area to ensure our customers are recognized by who they are, rather than by how much they purchase!  We understand when our customers place an order, its because they NEED the product and EXPECT the product they order.  At S&L Produce, Inc. you can expect to receive the brands and products you order, rather than the brands or products chosen for you.  We are excited at the opportunity to build lasting relationships proving profitable for all!!  Call or stop in today and let S&L Produce, Inc. demonstrate what real SERVICE can be like for all your food service needs!!!!

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