Our Team

Family owned and operated, at S & L Produce, Inc. customers are afforded the privilege of over 200 years of combined family experience in the food service industry.  Alongside owners Mark & Lisa Palazzolo, Mark's father and mother also enlist their knowledge & experience of the business at S & L Produce, Inc.  Mark & Lisa understand the importance of dedicated, hard working  employees regarding the growth and success of any business.  They value their employees, just as they value their customers!  Much like the valued customer, it takes the dedication and experience of key employees to aid in the success of any business!  Many of the operations staff at S & L Produce, Inc. have been with the company for several years.  The customers of S & L Produce, Inc. are comfortable in knowing the person they are communicating with today, will most likely be the person they will communicate with for some time to come.  Over time, our employees develop close, personal relationships with our customers.  This also contributes to success within the business!  Often times our employees go above and beyond, ensuring complete satisfaction from start to finish!  At S & L Produce, Inc. we are very PROUD of OUR TEAM and we look forward to many more years of success together!